Monday, August 30, 2010

Busy Month!

Me and my ducky are buds!

Hi guys! I got a new bow to clip back my long bangs!
What's up? I'm hanging out on the kitchen counter playing with my sippy cup!
Peek-a-boo! I've figured out how to lift sheets and cloths over my face and
bring them down to reveal that I'm still there!

Hi all~ It's been a tad busy for us this month and I apologize for being absent from the blog for so long. I feel bad thinking of many of you checking the blog every day and being disappointed to find no new posts.

Since I blogged last, we have had lots of visitors and events. My friend Elizabeth from work got married to Chance on August 8... a beautiful wedding and gorgeous bride. They've since gone and returned from their honeymoon. For visitors, my cousin Heidi, from Vancouver, visited on her way to and from a conference in California. Next, my mom came to visit for 4 days while Aaron went fishing with our friend Paul and then shortly after, Aaron's mom came to visit for a week. Yesterday, Aaron and I hosted a barbecue for a mommy group I belong to and invited all moms, dads, and babies. There were three baby boys and three baby girls, only about a month apart. Fun to see them all together and nice for all the spouses to meet. There were 19 people in total who attended (babies included) so we had a really full house.

Work has been very busy for me this summer. I was promoted, which is wonderful, but with the promotion came a lot of extra responsibilities and work. I rarely get any down time and wonder where each day went by the time 4 o'clock rolls around. Life is busy but we are all hanging on and enjoying the ride.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

We hope you are having a wonderful day and that this next year will be as good as the last!! Love you lots!!!

Proud Grandpa
A fun guy!

An excellent entertainer

That's my dad! I'm so thankful and lucky! We love you Dad!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Nice Weekend

We had a really great past few days. On Friday night, we enjoyed some home-made pizza and an Episode of Glee (we're very addicted to this series). On Saturday, I enjoyed a mani-pedi with a couple friends whose birthdays are also in July and who also have babies Aubrey's age. Afterwards, Aaron, Aubrey and I went to Gig Harbor to hang out with our friends Tim and Emily and their daughter Natalie. We played some Bochi Ball (Emily and I won ofcourse) and then ate some awesome grilled beef kebabs and portabello mushrooms. For dessert, Aaron had made some black bottom cupcakes. Delish! On Sunday, we went out on Paul and Gina's boat and jetted around the harbor, out to a marina, where we enjoyed some drinks and snacks and a great time with friends. Below are some pics of our weekend.

Out in Gig Harbor. Aubrey loved Natalie's Baby Bjorn.

A little tug-o-war over napkins. These girls are starting to become a lot more interactive with each other. Natalie is now at the same daycare so that has been fun for all of us.

"I'm wearing a PFD mom!"

Looks like Aaron had twins! A cute shot with Ryan and Aubrey in their PFD's.

Aubrey and Ryan slept the whole way back to the boat launch. Fun was had by all!