Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A little shopping

Aubrey was out for the count this past Friday while we enjoyed dinner and a game of Sequence with our friends Tim and Emily and daughter Natalie and Paul and Gina and son Ryan.

She had some fun before dinner, hanging with Natalie and Ryan while watching Michigan beat UNI in March Madness.

Today has been fairly low key. Aubrey is down for her second nap today which gives me a little bit of Claire time. This morning, Aubrey and I ventured out to Ross Dress for Less to search for a few new tops for me. I'm currently in between sizes and am a bit more endowed than before Aubrey arrived. Some longer, larger tops were in order. I had some success and found three tops I think will work for every day living and work. Win win! Now that Aubrey and I are home, I'm doing some laundry and planning to pick up the house a little bit before Aaron gets home. It's crazy how fast a house can get disorganized when a baby is in the picture!

Aaron and I are very excited for this coming weekend. For Christmas, I got Aaron and I tickets to the Michael Buble concert in Seattle, which is this coming Saturday. This will be our first date since Aubrey was born! We are contemplating where to go for a nice romantic dinner followed by the concert. Our friend Elizabeth is going to babysit Aubrey and love her up, I'm sure.
Aubrey in her new fleece outfit from great auntie Anne Kjeld. It has a cute hood with bear ears. Aaron was laughing at how she looked like Elvis. "Thank you...thank you very much."

Monday, March 29, 2010

Rainy Day

It's a rainy day here and both Aubrey and I stayed in most of the day. After a great workout with strollersize, we came home, ate some lunch and hunkered down for a nice nap. We listened to the rain pour down outside as we drifted in and out of sleep. We miss Aaron as we always do on Mondays. Looking forward to a quiet night together.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome Baby Quinn

"Welcome Baby Quinn! I can't wait to meet you and be pen pals someday! Your dad said that would be fun when we get older :-)"

We are so thrilled to welcome baby Quinn Rachel Stephanson to the family. Aubrey is now officially a cousin, I am an Auntie, and Aaron is an uncle. We unfortunately can't visit the girl yet but look forward to meeting her soon. Congrats Greg and Britt on your new arrival :-) Aubrey wore her Canadian welcome outfit for Quinn today (note Baby Leggs #2 and red golf shoes).

Thursday, March 25, 2010

These Boots are Made for Walking

Aubrey and I had the pleasure of going for a nice walk with Gina and Ryan last night while Aaron and Ryan's dad Paul went for a bike ride. Ryan is just under a month older than Aubrey and has accomplished the art of rolling. It was so fun to watch him after our walk...I've surprisingly never seen a baby roll over before! For our walk, we stuck to the neighborhood and enjoyed the beautiful, warm air. It got to about 65 degrees yesterday and we were in heaven. After our walk, Ryan and Aubrey got some social interaction time.

"Mom! Get me out of this car seat! First strollersize and now this!"
"Easy there Aubrey. Try your pacifier... that might work."

"Yeah! Mom, this is my buddy Ryan!"
"Meow! Not another baby!"

"What's up Aubrey? Did you watch me roll over?"

"I did Ryan. You've got mad skills. Check out my biceps!"
"Yikes! I better not get on your bad side!"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Puke

Today was not the first time but probably the worst time I've been puked on by Aubrey. We were busy reading a book on Bambi when all of a sudden Aubrey projectile vomited on me. Although my initial reflex normally would be to jump out of the way, I now have the immediate reflex to hold baby upright and centered on me so that she 1) doesn't aspirate 2) doesn't puke all over the carpet. Needless to say, I smell a bit sour. I think both Aubrey and I will need a bath tonight to freshen up.

It's strange though how a baby can be puking one minute and smiling/cooing the next. Within about 1 minute of her puking, she was giving me a big, gorgeous smile and cooing up at me. I was busy consoling her but realized no consoling was needed by my little one. What a girl!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2 month immunizations

Aubrey had her 2 month shots today and was a trooper. After some high pitched screaming, a nursing session was the trick to calming our babe down. Her pediatrician says she contines to grow well and remains in the 90th percentile for height and weight and the 80th for her head. She is now up to 12 pounds 3 ounces. What a healthy girl! Below is a photo of her battle wounds along with her favorite blue chair. She can't take her eyes off the pig with the corn. I think she has some Iowa in her blood?!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby Leggs

So far the weekend has been wonderful. Yesterday, Aaron gave me some Claire time by taking care of Aubrey solo while I went and got a mani, pedi, and eye brow wax along with my friend Naomi who is also the proud mother of a new baby (Elliot). We enjoyed a cup of decaf at Starbucks followed by some pampering.

When I got home, I was greeted by an incredibly cute baby girl who had been dressed in the outfit below. The highlight of the outfit for all of us are her pink leopard print Baby Leggs. Dad put on her Mary Jane socks too which really upped the outfit a notch.

After lunch, we all headed outdoors to enjoy our 60+ weather. Aaron picked dandylions, I cleaned up the flower beds, and Aubrey lounged on the grass looking adorable. We were thrilled to listen to the UNI Kansas game on the radio while we worked. A neighbor across the street and his wife graduated from UNI and were cheering for them right along with us.

After enjoying the sun, we enjoyed a delicious summer classic on the grill: hamburgers, and baked beens with broccoli and fresh strawberries. It really felt like summer yesterday and we can't wait for more weather like that.

"Bye everyone! I'm off to strollersize again tomorrow! Hopefully mom can pick up the pace a little...I'm watching her!"

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New YMCA Members

Today was an exciting day for me as I became a YMCA member. I have been fighting this change for a while as I've been a member at LA Fitness, only paying $15 per month. Now that baby girl is here, I was able to make the switch. Tomorrow Aubrey and I will be attending our first strollersize class with hopes to meet new moms and get me back in shape. One of the great things about being a dietitian is the motivation that goes along with it to stay in shape. Doesn't look great if I'm packing extra pounds and dishing out advise, in my opinion.

Aubrey, Aaron and I just got back from a nice stroll in the neighborhood. It was fairly chilly but very refreshing once we got moving. Aubrey seemed to enjoy the fresh air after a day inside with mom. We are both looking forward to having Aaron home for the weekend. It's nice to have our little family together whenever possible. I may squeeze in a solo visit to the Y for a good workout on Saturday morning...we'll see how sore I am after tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Visit from Auntie Darcy and Auntie Maggie

Aubrey and Auntie Darcy

Aubrey and Auntie Maggie

It was a fun week hanging out with Aaron's sisters Darcy and Maggie who came to visit over their spring break. We visited the state capital, ate great food , took lots of long walks and had some nice relaxing time.
Hello George Washington!

On Sunday, we went to Seattle and did a big walk around Green Lake Park followed by lunch at one of Guy Fierri's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (Greek restaurant), then went shopping in the
university district at a great outdoor mall. We found an awesome baby store that sold "Baby Leggs" leggings and Trumpette socks. We couldn't resist buying a few pairs of leggings for Aubrey. One pair has maple leafs all over and are red and white.

Aubrey wanted to enjoy lunch too!

We had a great time with Darcy and Maggie and hope they had fun too! Thanks for the visit!

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Visit with Natalie

"Hi Natalie! So glad you stopped by again! I just woke up from a short nap. What have you been up to?"
"Oh the usual. Eating, hanging with mom, sleeping, etc."

"Tough life being a baby! What does your sleeper say?"

"It says Bunny!"
"Hmmm. That's interesting. Mine says Love."

"Put them together and it's Love Bunny!"
"Cool! We didn't even plan that!"

"Hey Natalie! You can come visit us anytime! We love visitors!"
"Sounds great Aubrey! We're going to be great friends!"

It was great to see Natalie and her mom Emily last night. Aubrey's getting lots of exposure to other babies lately. She really is a social butterfly and has been loving all the visits. Today we picked up Auntie Darcy and Auntie Maggie from the airport. It's already a treat to have a few extra hands to help out.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hanging with Trevor

"Trevor! Hey Trevor! Look at me! I'm talking to you!"
"Trevor! It's so fun you came over for a visit! Did you know I'm only a day older than you?"

"Really? That's cool! We're both aquarians!"

Today was a fun day as Trevor and his mom Ashley came for lunch and a play date. Aaron and I met Ashley and her hubbie Brian in childbirthing class and had our babies only 1 day apart at Tacoma General. Trevor was the first baby Aubrey met, visiting him in his hospital room the day after he was born. It was a lot of fun today to watch Aubrey watch and talk to Trevor. She was really fascinated with him! Future love interest?

As you can see, Aubrey wasn't afraid to make the first move. Trevor was playing it cool. Lots of diapers, milk, and coos were had with everyone having a fun time. Can't wait for the next visit!

"That Aubrey is quite the fire cracker! I'm exhausted!"

Monday, March 8, 2010

Arizona Pics

Aubrey's first plane ride. What a good baby! Slept and ate without a peep the whole plane ride (both ways!)
Baby sleeping away on the floor at Great Uncle Tom and Great Auntie Yvonne's house. We figured out baby is sooo content laying on the ground listening to 60's music as we eat dinner. She usually talks and sleeps throughout the entire meal. It's hilarious!

This one's for Auntie Britt. Baby taking a look at Cherry Coke. No tasting yet!

Baseball bliss. Baby's first game and already bored with it. Batter out!

Dad and a happy naked baby! Look at Aubrey lift her head! What a strong girl!

Mom and baby girl soaking up the heat and chillin' in Arizona.

Aubrey and Grandma S. doing some exercises. Baby bright eyes!
Aubrey and Grandpa. Definitely some family resemblence. I think this is who Aubrey got her baby weight from. Grandpa was also a 10 pound baby.

Aubrey meets Grandma Mo. She says "Mom! Enough with the camera!"

It was an awesome trip! Thanks to both sets of grandparents for the visit!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Our Little Swimmer

Above is one picture of Aubrey at her first Mariners game yesterday. We loved her sun hat and t-shirt that said "My first Mariners tee."

I have predicted since I first set eyes on Aubrey that she would be a swimmer. Today I introduced her to her first swimming pool and was thrilled to learn that Aubrey really is a water baby. After a brief crying episode while aclimatizing to the water, Aubrey floated around in my arms from one corner to the next of the community pool in Arizona. She was so at peace and so was I. Her little swimsuit was very cute...a little rashguard with skirted bottoms.

We had a couple grandparent photographers during the swim and were thankful as we were able to get some photos of all three of us. Fun was had by all. Another plus is that I got to sit in a hot tub for the first time in over 10 months. It was absolute bliss. Many of you know very well that hot tubs are one of my favorite things :-)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Arizona Adventures

We're having a great time in Peoria, enjoying the sun and spending time with family. Aubrey was a gem for the flight down here, having a couple mom milkshakes and otherwise sleeping the rest of the time. In the past 24 hours, Aubrey has increased her vocabulary and is chatting away to all of us. It is so funny to listen to her cute sounds, which are always paired with an ear to ear smile.

Today we went to watch a Mariners spring training game and once again, Aubrey did awesome. We enjoyed some hotdogs and lots of seniors were oggling over her which was fun.

We're off to visit grandma Mo, Tom and Yvonne for a little bit then come home for a night cap. I've been trying to swim a mile every day with mom and dad and am already feeling like the extra baby weight coming off. I love Arizona so much...I want to retire and live the senior life! I'll post many pictures when I get home. We've been a bit like the paparazzi and have many great pics.