Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh Canada!

We were thrilled to see the Canadian hockey team win the gold today! Aubrey made some cute sounds throughout the game that resembled cheering. I dressed her in a cute red onesie with "Pretty Bunny" on it, paired with grey pants and red Mary Jane socks. Too cute. Unfortunately no picture as she had a little blow out in her shorts and needed a wardrobe change. 3 outfits so far today and counting!

Aaron's back to work for 1 day tomorrow then we are off to Peoria till Sunday. Can't wait for some heat and maybe a Spring Training game! Hoping that the airport and airplane experience goes well with baby. She is a happy camper most times but a 4 hour plane ride may be tough. Lots of mommy milk will be shared to keep baby happy!

Not sure if I'll be able to blog while in AZ but I will try! Nice to see I have some members who have joined the blog! So fun!

Below is a picture of Aubrey studying her animals. She is getting very smart already. We will have a genius baby very soon!

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