Thursday, March 4, 2010

Arizona Adventures

We're having a great time in Peoria, enjoying the sun and spending time with family. Aubrey was a gem for the flight down here, having a couple mom milkshakes and otherwise sleeping the rest of the time. In the past 24 hours, Aubrey has increased her vocabulary and is chatting away to all of us. It is so funny to listen to her cute sounds, which are always paired with an ear to ear smile.

Today we went to watch a Mariners spring training game and once again, Aubrey did awesome. We enjoyed some hotdogs and lots of seniors were oggling over her which was fun.

We're off to visit grandma Mo, Tom and Yvonne for a little bit then come home for a night cap. I've been trying to swim a mile every day with mom and dad and am already feeling like the extra baby weight coming off. I love Arizona so much...I want to retire and live the senior life! I'll post many pictures when I get home. We've been a bit like the paparazzi and have many great pics.

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