Thursday, July 15, 2010

I want to go outside!

The weather here is beautiful this week but I have been locked up in my office and at the sports med clinic from 8-4 daily. I miss the days when I had summer break! Aubrey seems cagy too this week at day care. She is back to not liking bottles and is starting to get upset when I leave her after my lunch break. It's enough to break a mom's heart!!! My mom has reassured me in the past that she will not be psychologically traumatized by going to daycare. They are doing a great job but Aubrey is getting a little out of sorts lately.

Luckily, Aubrey's friend Natalie got in to her daycare 3 days a week starting last week. She is adjusting nicely and the two girls have had some nice quality time together. Emily and I get a chance to catch up while feeding the girls at lunch which is also really nice.

In other news, Aubrey has advanced to eating green beans and rice cereal mixed together. It's a big mess but she seems to really enjoy it. I'll post some pics soon of her food escapades.

No big plans this weekend. Going for a walk and to the Farmer's Market with some clients on Saturday then hopefully spending some time outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather. Maybe we'll go for a picnic? This has become one of my favorite things to do since becoming a mom.

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  1. Elliot is number 1 on the non-employee list for the Polliwog class. So maybe Aubrey will have another friend in class in the next few months :).