Thursday, July 8, 2010

We're Back!

A road just down the street from Grandma's house!

Hi everybody! We're back from our trip and doing well. One day of work down and one to go until another weekend. Not too shabby. It's about 90 degrees here which is great when you're not at work but not so great when you're at work...especially if your office doesn't have air conditioning like mine.

Below are some pics from Kelowna. We stayed with grandma Bodeux and visited with mom and dad Stephanson. It was great to see everyone and get a few away times for Aaron and I. We were able to enjoy Stromboli's at Boston Pizza, Poutine at Costco, appetizers and wine at Quail's Gate Winery and tappas and wine tasting at the Little Straw winery. Aubrey had a blast meeting Grandma B and seeing her grandma and grandpa S. She had a doctor's appt. today and was cleared of her ear infection despite her continued playing with her ear. Looks like the amoxacillin did it's job. Thanks Mom for administering so many doses while we were in Kelowna!

Hi Guys!
Aubrey playing with her cat Pinky while mom and I watched an episode of Glee on her I-Pad
Aubrey and her Great Grandma Margaret
What a stylin girl in her baby wetsuit! Her and her cousin Quinn are quite proud of themselves in their new suits. Thanks Grandpa S!
Aubrey and Grandpa enjoying some bonding time on the grass. "Give me those toes!"

4 generations together

Aubrey enjoyed her first spoon-fed snack tonight and did very well! She has been grabbing our place mats and cutlery lately and acting very interested in food. It was time to give her a little taste. She seemed very happy to finally get to taste something other than plain milk.

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