Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time is Flying

I can't believe it's already hump day! We had a nice long weekend, hanging out a lot at home while it rained outside. We had some sun on Monday which gave Aaron some time to refresh the yard for the week and I had a chance to attend my greatly-missed strollersize class. It was so great to see some of the regulars there along with other moms and babies who have also returned to work. Our friends Naomi and Bradley had us and another couple Hayley and John over for dinner on Monday. We met Naomi and Bradley (parents to Elliot) in childbirthing class and Hayley attended strollersize with her son Max. It was fun for all of us to visit and have the babies play together. Elliot is a month older than Aubrey and Max is a month younger. It's amazing to see all the developmental changes from a 3 month old to a 5 month old.

This week has been super busy at work. I taught a "Breakfast for a Busy World" class to a company yesterday which involved a bunch of cooking demos and sampling. It's only an hour class but there is a lot of pre prepping that goes in to it! I spent a good chunk of Saturday and Sunday getting everything ready to go. Thankfully everything went well and I think I convinced everyone to buy Muesli and Agave Nectar; both products that are new to me but were used in some new recipes I demoed. 2 more days to go until the weekend! Yeah!

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