Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ear Infection

Well, unfortunately, Aubrey has an ear infection. After a rough night of crying on Sunday, we suspected something was up. Everytime I tried to lay her down on her back, she would cry out in pain. As soon as I would pick her up, she would fall asleep on my shoulder. After some relief from baby Tylenol, we were able to get some sleep. On Monday, I brought her in to daycare thinking everything was ok. After she refused to eat, I knew something was definitely wrong. While holding her, I noticed she had a really faint dried on white crusty film around her ear canal. When I showed the ladies at daycare, they agreed it was likely an ear infection that was making Aubrey so out of whack. I called the doc and made an appointment that afternoon. It was confirmed she had a pretty bad infection. Luckily, since starting amoxacillin, she is acting like herself again and the pain seems to have gone away.

Daycare said sometimes ear infections are linked to genetics with something to do with the size of the inner ear parts. Aaron struggled with lots of ear infections as a baby so perhaps Aubrey has acquired his ears? We're crossing our fingers that this is the first and last one but we know now that when Aubrey is not acting herself, we should get it checked out.

Aside from her poor ear, we are looking forward to our upcoming trip to Grandma Bodeux's. Can't wait for some Kelowna sun and heat!

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