Saturday, October 9, 2010

Colorado and Climbing

I'm waving so hard, the picture is blury~ This is me and dad at the Airforce Academy Visitors Center
Outside the US Olympic Training Facility. Yeah!
Mom and Aubrey reunited at the end of the workshop. So happy to see each other again!

We had a great time in Colorado Springs. Aaron played Mister Mom and did a great job. Aubrey was always happy when I returned home at the end of the day and both Aaron and Aubrey appeared to bond a bit more over the week. Aubrey and Aaron went to the zoo, we checked out Garden of the Gods, went to the Airforce Academy, ate some great food (Aubrey's favorite was Spaetzl- a German noodle), saw the location for the US Women's Open for 2011, and slept a bunch.

My conference was really good. I learned a bunch and also confirmed my knowledge of sports nutrition. It was so cool to eat and walk around in the same place as Olympic athletes and see their training facilities. Most of their sports dietitians taught classes and labs in our workshop, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Now that we're back, Aubrey is crawling and climbing on everything. Today, she helped me empty the dishwasher, as you can see above :-)

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