Friday, October 29, 2010

Time is Flying

Aubrey and Grandpa
Our little pumpkin

Aaron's new truck

Well, it's already been nine months since our baby girl was born. Hard to believe I could have relived another pregnancy (greatful that I haven't though). Since I blogged last, we've celebrated Thanksgiving with our friends Tim and Emily, had a visit from Grandpa S, purchased Aaron a new truck (farewell Subaru Impreza), gotten Aubrey through a double ear infection and round of antibiotics, and worked a lot. Aubrey is really trying to cut some more teeth but they are very resistant to breaking through.

This week, Aaron and I have been struggling to get Aubrey to sleep at her usual 7:30 time. She is not happy when it's time to go in the crib. We've tried to let her cry it out, done the whole patting on the back trick, and consoling her. Unfortunately, those things are not effective. We're at a bit of a loss and hoping this is just a phase...maybe her teeth are just really bugging her. Anyways, we're crossing our fingers that bedtime goes back to being an easy time.

This Sunday marks Aubrey's first Halloween. She will be a pumpkin this year and will have had a couple practice runs in her costume before Sunday. They are taking pictures of all the kids at daycare, dressed in their costumes. Aaron and I are going to a Halloween party tomorrow night and I am yet to come up with a costume. I'm going to have to get creative tonight. Our friends Elizabeth and Chance are going to man the house while we're away for a couple hours. It will be nice to see them.
Happy Halloween everyone! Happy moving day to Greg, Britt, and Quinn!

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