Thursday, May 20, 2010

Could this be the one?

I don't want to get too excited but we may have found Aubrey's bottle of choice. Per the suggestion of the daycare providers, we went out and bought the Tommy Tippy bottle which is supposed to resemble the breast the most. I guess it's the "rage" in the UK. I just called daycare and they said she drank the whole bottle after only a short stint of crying. They're going to try it again this afternoon and see how that goes. Gosh would that ever be wonderful if Aubrey began drinking from Tommy Tippy's!!! I'll keep you all posted as I'm sure you're all dying to hear about our saga.

In other news, we ventured off to the mall last night to cruise through Victoria Secret with Aubrey in a stroller. Before you start questionning my purpose of the trip, I was needing to buy lingerie (sp?) for 2 coworkers who are having a dual bridal shower titled "Naughty and Nice." Somehow, I got finangled into hosting it at our house but I think it will be a fun time. Luckily the Nice part of the party will be at our house and the Naughty part is happening afterwards at locations TBD (I can't say where just in case they read my blog). We all felt very out of place in Victoria's but Aubrey seemed to enjoy all the costumes :-). Dress up anyone?

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