Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No Bottle for Me!

Our little Aubrey Strawberry is very adament about what form of container she will take her meals from. Bottles are off of the ok list, to our dismay. Daycare is working with her daily and have been so great about it. They are trying a different bottle today that was brought in by another mom I met yesterday. We'll see how she does. After my bout of sickness this past weekend, my milk production went way down which really freaked me out. Luckily my mom did some research and helped calm me down. After downing about 6 pints of water over the course of a couple hours and eating a bunch more food, the milk returned. Yeah!!! I was so relieved and so was Aubrey. She was starting to get a little fearful that the bottle would have to be the only option.

She's doing great today in daycare. The teachers said she is in love with her pants and has been eyeing them all day. Other kids, especially Blake, have also been checking them out. They are brown pants with lots of different colored flowers on them. Very cute.

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