Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some new pictures

Aubrey Strawberry
Aubrey at daycare
Hi Mom! Can you see what I'm doing?!!!
Oh Dad! You're hilarious!
I think I want to walk...let's just skip the crawling.
Oh my gosh you guys! I can stand!!!

I'll be honest that blogging is low on the totem poll these days but it feels good to not feel too tired tonight to get a post up. We've had a great week since last Friday. Everyone was healthy over the weekend so we were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather we had. Aaron and I had fun taking a bunch of photos with Aubrey in the backyard. She loves to stand and always has an expression of great pride when she is able to hold herself up on her feet with little help. I always say "Aubrey!!! You're standing!!!" and she gets really excited. A highlight from the weekend was jogging to Proctor for a cinnamon roll at the market and a decaf coffee at Starbucks while hanging out with my girl. We'll definitely need to do that again soon.

The daycare update is: unfortunately they continue to struggle with Aubrey not taking a bottle without putting up a long and painful fight. I had to teach a couple classes in Kent today and wasn't able to feed Aubrey until 2 so she had a tough time holding out. As I was walking to my car, I could hear her crying so popped my head in the baby room to see if it was her. It was unfortunately but when she came to the door to say hi, she immediately let out a squeal of glee. She was like "Yeah mom! You're going to save me!" After a bunch of kisses, I had to pull myself out of there and get to the classroom. The teachers said she held out really long and only had a couple ounces before I was able to get there after the classes. It's tough, to say the least! We just need to keep doing it and eventually I hope she'll realize we aren't torturing her but trying to help her :-)
3 more days left till we can have a nice weekend again. Aubrey and I are headed to a wedding shower for my friend Elizabeth on Saturday and then enjoying some family time the rest of the weekend.

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  1. Is that the outfit I got her? So cute! (Even if I didn't get it, I still like it.)