Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Home is a bottle free zone

Aubrey has made a decision to take bottles at daycare but not at home. After our angst over the weekend and a wee breakdown on my part at daycare, when I dropped her off in the morning, Aubrey decided to be an Allstar and drink both of her bottles without fussing yesterday. The daycare took one of my hooter hiders and layed it next to her face as she was feeding and that seemed to do the trick. She wanted my smell next to her. Too cute and very flattering. Hopefully that trick will work at home. We'll need to try that over the weekend.

We enjoyed a nice dinner at home last night with our friends Paul and Gina and their 5 month old son Ryan. He has a really cute laugh and thought Aubrey was hilarious. She didn't know what to do about Ryan so she just looked at him with a stone face most of the evening. Both babes were sleeping by 7:30 which gave Aaron and I some time to chat with Paul and Gina. It was a great visit.

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