Monday, May 10, 2010

Rough Weekend

Well we didn't quite make it through the week last week. On Friday, Aubrey woke up with a really stuffy nose and cough so we decided to keep her home from day care. Aaron took the morning shift with her while I went to work and I came home in the afternoon. Unfortunately, soon after my return home, I started feeling very queezy. Within a couple hours I was throwing up and struggling to remain upright. Aaron had to make a swift return home to take over. The rest of the night, I was sick with flu-like symptoms and pretty miserable, to say the least. On Saturday after a charity walk for Juvenile Diabetes, we came home and suffered a second round of the flu with Aaron. It hit him hard and he is actually still at home today trying to recover. It is so hard when both of us are sick! Aubrey was a trooper and made our lives easier by going doing for naps and early bedtimes as well as being her happy, go-lucky self. I'm back at work today feeling a lot better. Aubrey seems great too. Just popped over to feed her and she seemed to be having a nice day. Can't wait to pick her up :-)

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