Monday, April 19, 2010

2 More Weeks

Happy girl outside while mom picked weeds on Sunday

Unfortunately, I'll soon be headed back to work. I got the call from daycare last week letting me know they had a spot available for Aubrey starting on May 3 and I decided to take it. It will be tough but I am reminded that it could be worse. We're lucky that the daycare is located right behind the building I work in so I'll be able to go feed her over lunch or breaks and visit whenever I want. My mom is coming into town next week and we're going to go in to the daycare for another visit and to get the rundown on everything I need to bring on Aubrey's first day and beyond.

With 2 weeks left, I'm trying to soak up my time with the little one. We went to strollersize today, spent some time playing with blocks outside and learning about the different plants in our yard. Aubrey has started to grab on to things which has been fun to watch. This past weekend, she grabbed on to a rattle and shook it around for a while until she ended up rattling her head pretty hard. She was not a happy girl. We quickly switched to wrist rattlers which she is starting to notice and shake around. Another fun game Aubrey has been enjoying is "Aubrey's Wrecking Crew." This game consists of Aubrey toppling over 3 foam blocks after Aaron and I have stacked them. This game will often go on for long stretches of time.

Aubrey holding her rattle and playing with her blocks... pre-meltdown

Post rattle hit

Yeah wrist rattler!

Where did she get these big feet?

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