Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grandma's in Town

My mom is in town this week to help me in my final week before returning to work next Monday. We're having a really fun time going for walks, hanging out and playing with Aubrey. We've done a little shopping, ate out, gone to strollersize together and enjoyed eachothers company. It's going to be tough saying goodbye on Friday, knowing that in only 3 short days I return to work. We're heading to the daycare tomorrow to visit with the teachers and introduce them to Aubrey. We've been trying to give Aubrey a bottle once a day with some difficulty...I think part of it is that I'm in the room when someone is trying to feed her. It's tough listening to your baby cry when you know you could solve the problem by nursing her but I know we have to get her used to being fed by others. I've been told by Aaron and Elizabeth that she takes the bottle just fine when I'm not around so hopefully that will be the case at daycare. Luckily, I'm super close by at work so I'll be able to run over if needed. Ahhh! Talk about a nervous Nelly I'm becoming!

Anyways, below are some cute pics.

"Who are you and what have you done with my Mom?"
"Well hello there!"
"Mmm salad. My favorite."
Sleepy time girl

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