Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Rainy Day

Welcome to the Northwest. We are hanging out inside again while the rain pours down outdoors. Aubrey is down for a nap and I am enjoying a chai latté as I write this blog. Although its raining now, we did get out this morning for our tri-weekly strollersize class. There were 10 moms in class today with their babies so we were really crammed in to half the gym at the YMCA. Aubrey was awake for most of the class, acting very cute; cooing and smiling as I sweat my buns off. I found out today that our instructor is apparently a well known scrap booker: Heidi Grace. Anyone know of her work? I guess she invents a bunch of scrapbook parafinalia. Pretty cool!

I had plans to head to Target or Costco to pick up baby wipes and garbage bags but have recently discovered which delivers to your house next day and is a bit cheeper than the store. Although it would be nice to venture out, it is super slick to order online and get what we need the next day.

That's about all for now. Not too exciting but that's ok for a Wednesday. I hope the weather is better wherever you are!

"I love you Dad! I missed you today!"

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