Thursday, April 1, 2010

3 Strikes

Today was a pretty uneventful day for Aubrey and I. We had great intentions to go for a big walk, sell some shoes to a consignment store and get a baby gym (? the toy that goes over baby with a bunch of things for her to look at) at a second hand kids store. When we got down to the waterfront for our walk, I put Aubrey in the stroller and the sky dumped on us within 30 seconds. After looking at the dark sky all around, I decided to press the rewind button and put Aubrey back in the car and the stroller in the trunk. On to the consignment store... unfortunately, they weren't accepting new items today so we'll have to return tomorrow. Next we were off to the second hand kids store. There were a few baby gyms but all of them were pretty boring; not too many hanging toys or gadgets for her to look at. We checked out some sleepers for her but were very distracted by a young mom yelling at her kids to no end. All I wanted to do was get out of there and give Aubrey a snuggle. I felt so bad for the kids because they really weren't doing anything wrong. I think the mom was just super immature and liked to be in control. Very sad.

Next, Aubrey and I came home. After feeding Aubrey I was able to put Aubrey down for a nap and watch Oprah. It's really nice now because Aubrey is developing a pretty predictable schedule. I usually can bank on 3 naps during the day to allow me to get a few things done. That's it for now. Off to strollersize again tomorrow and dinner and a concert on Saturday. I booked reservations at a restaurant called the Pink Door. It looks fun and tasty! Something different...

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