Thursday, April 22, 2010

Out to Lunch

We had a nice morning today, enjoying some mommy-daughter time. Aubrey was so cute and smiley, I had a hard time not kissing her over and over again. For lunch, we met Aaron for an Italian sandwich and salad at Viafores, which was delicious. Aubrey always enjoys seeing her dad in the middle of the day when she least expects it. After lunch, we ventured over to the mall to see if there was anything worth trying on. To my surprise, I didn't find one thing that piqued my interest. Although it was nice to get out, I have to say that my favorite part was coming back home and snuggling with Aubrey. We're back now and Aubrey is making a valiant effort to stay awake instead of take her nap. I think her fatigue will win :-)

1 comment:

  1. Obviously Aubrey Her Magesty needed her beauty rest. She has her royal kingdom to rule.