Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A little shopping

Aubrey was out for the count this past Friday while we enjoyed dinner and a game of Sequence with our friends Tim and Emily and daughter Natalie and Paul and Gina and son Ryan.

She had some fun before dinner, hanging with Natalie and Ryan while watching Michigan beat UNI in March Madness.

Today has been fairly low key. Aubrey is down for her second nap today which gives me a little bit of Claire time. This morning, Aubrey and I ventured out to Ross Dress for Less to search for a few new tops for me. I'm currently in between sizes and am a bit more endowed than before Aubrey arrived. Some longer, larger tops were in order. I had some success and found three tops I think will work for every day living and work. Win win! Now that Aubrey and I are home, I'm doing some laundry and planning to pick up the house a little bit before Aaron gets home. It's crazy how fast a house can get disorganized when a baby is in the picture!

Aaron and I are very excited for this coming weekend. For Christmas, I got Aaron and I tickets to the Michael Buble concert in Seattle, which is this coming Saturday. This will be our first date since Aubrey was born! We are contemplating where to go for a nice romantic dinner followed by the concert. Our friend Elizabeth is going to babysit Aubrey and love her up, I'm sure.
Aubrey in her new fleece outfit from great auntie Anne Kjeld. It has a cute hood with bear ears. Aaron was laughing at how she looked like Elvis. "Thank you...thank you very much."

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