Thursday, March 25, 2010

These Boots are Made for Walking

Aubrey and I had the pleasure of going for a nice walk with Gina and Ryan last night while Aaron and Ryan's dad Paul went for a bike ride. Ryan is just under a month older than Aubrey and has accomplished the art of rolling. It was so fun to watch him after our walk...I've surprisingly never seen a baby roll over before! For our walk, we stuck to the neighborhood and enjoyed the beautiful, warm air. It got to about 65 degrees yesterday and we were in heaven. After our walk, Ryan and Aubrey got some social interaction time.

"Mom! Get me out of this car seat! First strollersize and now this!"
"Easy there Aubrey. Try your pacifier... that might work."

"Yeah! Mom, this is my buddy Ryan!"
"Meow! Not another baby!"

"What's up Aubrey? Did you watch me roll over?"

"I did Ryan. You've got mad skills. Check out my biceps!"
"Yikes! I better not get on your bad side!"

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