Monday, March 8, 2010

Arizona Pics

Aubrey's first plane ride. What a good baby! Slept and ate without a peep the whole plane ride (both ways!)
Baby sleeping away on the floor at Great Uncle Tom and Great Auntie Yvonne's house. We figured out baby is sooo content laying on the ground listening to 60's music as we eat dinner. She usually talks and sleeps throughout the entire meal. It's hilarious!

This one's for Auntie Britt. Baby taking a look at Cherry Coke. No tasting yet!

Baseball bliss. Baby's first game and already bored with it. Batter out!

Dad and a happy naked baby! Look at Aubrey lift her head! What a strong girl!

Mom and baby girl soaking up the heat and chillin' in Arizona.

Aubrey and Grandma S. doing some exercises. Baby bright eyes!
Aubrey and Grandpa. Definitely some family resemblence. I think this is who Aubrey got her baby weight from. Grandpa was also a 10 pound baby.

Aubrey meets Grandma Mo. She says "Mom! Enough with the camera!"

It was an awesome trip! Thanks to both sets of grandparents for the visit!

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