Thursday, March 18, 2010

New YMCA Members

Today was an exciting day for me as I became a YMCA member. I have been fighting this change for a while as I've been a member at LA Fitness, only paying $15 per month. Now that baby girl is here, I was able to make the switch. Tomorrow Aubrey and I will be attending our first strollersize class with hopes to meet new moms and get me back in shape. One of the great things about being a dietitian is the motivation that goes along with it to stay in shape. Doesn't look great if I'm packing extra pounds and dishing out advise, in my opinion.

Aubrey, Aaron and I just got back from a nice stroll in the neighborhood. It was fairly chilly but very refreshing once we got moving. Aubrey seemed to enjoy the fresh air after a day inside with mom. We are both looking forward to having Aaron home for the weekend. It's nice to have our little family together whenever possible. I may squeeze in a solo visit to the Y for a good workout on Saturday morning...we'll see how sore I am after tomorrow.

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