Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby Leggs

So far the weekend has been wonderful. Yesterday, Aaron gave me some Claire time by taking care of Aubrey solo while I went and got a mani, pedi, and eye brow wax along with my friend Naomi who is also the proud mother of a new baby (Elliot). We enjoyed a cup of decaf at Starbucks followed by some pampering.

When I got home, I was greeted by an incredibly cute baby girl who had been dressed in the outfit below. The highlight of the outfit for all of us are her pink leopard print Baby Leggs. Dad put on her Mary Jane socks too which really upped the outfit a notch.

After lunch, we all headed outdoors to enjoy our 60+ weather. Aaron picked dandylions, I cleaned up the flower beds, and Aubrey lounged on the grass looking adorable. We were thrilled to listen to the UNI Kansas game on the radio while we worked. A neighbor across the street and his wife graduated from UNI and were cheering for them right along with us.

After enjoying the sun, we enjoyed a delicious summer classic on the grill: hamburgers, and baked beens with broccoli and fresh strawberries. It really felt like summer yesterday and we can't wait for more weather like that.

"Bye everyone! I'm off to strollersize again tomorrow! Hopefully mom can pick up the pace a little...I'm watching her!"

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